Slow Medicine

Slow Medicine promotes a thoughtful, evidence-based approach to clinical care, emphasizing careful clinical reasoning and patient-focused care.  Slow Medicine draws on many of the principles of the broader “Slow Movement”, which have been applied to a wide range of fields including food, art, parenting, and technology, among others.  Like the broader “Slow Movement,” which emphasizes careful reflection, Slow Medicine involves careful interviewing, examination, and observation of the patient.  It reminds us that the purpose of health care is to improve the wellbeing of patients, not simply to utilize the ever growing array of medical tools and gadgets.  In addition, Slow Medicine recognizes that many clinical problems do not yet have a technological “magic bullet” but instead require lifestyle changes that have powerful effects over time.  Importantly, Slow Medicine practitioners are eager to promote innovation, new ideas and adopt new technologies early, but aim to do so in a methodical manner and only after it’s clear that newer really is better for the individual patient.

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